Capture Streaming Media

This trick will help you to capture streaming media from any websites.

With nettransport, it can be download any file whether ftp, rtsp etc. But the thing is file is want to be located.

1. Download Project URL Snooper 1.02.01 from

2. Install URL Snooper (and WinPcap together)

3. Restart computer
4. Run Project URL Snooper

5. Click on the General Options Tab

6. Chose a network adapter

7. Click on the search tab

8. Click Sniff Network

9. Go to a webpage and you should see some results in the results list

10. If nothing is appearing then chose another network adapter, until one works

11. Click the "Hide Non-Streaming URLs" option to hide all http:// references. After this will only show URLs corresponding to streaming audio/video (rtsp, pnm, wma, etc.)

12. Then click Sniff Network

13. When you begin streaming, the links will appear

14. Select your desired stream

15. Commonly rm file

16. On the bottom there should be the link which you simply copy

17. Download nettransport from here or


18. Install it then click on new

19. Paste link

This will result downloading the file

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