G4 Chat Spammer

Easy to use chat spammer with simple and easy to use interface. Light weight, fast and reliable. Hotkeys included for maximum functionality.

Minimize button - Minimizes program.
X / Close button - Exits the program.
Start button - Starts the spammer.
Stop button - Stops the Spammer.
Set - Set your own custom speed.
Help button - Tells you how to set your speed.
Test button - Pops up an empty TextBox you can test the spammer in.
Clear message - Clears the current message.
HotKeys - tells you what Hotkeys you can use.
Always on top - Makes the spammer above all other windows.
Status - Shows if the timer is on or off. (I couldn't find a good color for "Stopped" so they're both white.
Time - Shows current time.
Exit- Exits the program.

Opacity - Custom set the transparency of the program.
Clear - Clear the current message.
Test - Pops up an empty TextBox you can test the spammer in.
About - Brings up an about me page, shows who it was made by and current version.
Start - It becomes "Stop" if clicked once, it turns the spammer on and off.
Exit - Exits the program.

Download [60KB]
Password : 123hackz.blogspot.in

Note : How to use Hotkeys: You will need 2 timers for this. This works for all timers, not just the ones used for spamming.
Put this code at the top of the form:

Private Declare Function GetAsyncKeyState Lib "user32" (ByVal vkey As Long) As Integer

Under Timer1.Tick put this: (This is the basic code for all spammers you don't have to use) (You need a TextBox for this)

SendKeys.Send("{ENTER}") 'Press's Enter Key

Then under Timer2.Tick put this:

Dim Start As Boolean
        Start = GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.F11)
        If Start = True Then
            Timer1.Enabled = True
        End If
        Dim Pause As Boolean
        Pause = GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.F12)
        If Pause = True Then
            Timer1.Enabled = False
        End If

Under Form Load put this:

Timer2.Enabled = True