Soul Logger

Simple and easy to use keylogger with Email Logger, Test support, Pumper, startup, misc options, Log interval control features. So small but efficient.

Simple but Fastest Icon Changer Portable

This is a simple but fastest icon changer around. It is task specific and interface is very easy to deal with. No need of explanation, it does its job well. It weighs 500 KB after extraction. Your logger app will look better after changing its icon. This job can be done without any effort using this icon changer.


PowerLockerz - Next generation Lockerz 

Powerlockerz is a non-profit foundation works to provide better and quicker expirience with
Get invited to lockerz with powerlockerz and feel the diffrence
They provide many suppors and offers many features which helps to improve Lockerz

Easy Binder

Binder with inbuilt Icon Changer. Lightweight, efficient and fast. Easy to use as the name suggests. 

Hack Hound Keylogger

+ Undetectable by most av's
+ Regedit inbuilt Support
+ Fake Message inbuilt Support

Use FTP for Kelogging

Some of keyloggers uses FTPs for sending logs(Eg: Hack Hound Keylogger, Download Page). Use sites like DriveHQ for using this services for free!

Go then register on A username and password will be provided. Create a folder named LOGS in it by online else download DriveHQ manager, 32bit : Download, 62 bit : Download.Enter host like, then use username and password in proper fields.

Voitto Keylogger

Viotto Keylogger is a spyware created to satisfy most of your computer surveillance needs, thanks to the many high-customizable functions and options that it offers.
This software is not a simple "keylogger", in fact it doesn't log only the keystrokes, but also:
Active windows (and website title)
Launch and termination time (useful to see when the system has been started or shut down)

Ripped Crypter

Easy to use crypter with simple interface. Fast and reliable but so basic.

Rapid Keylogger

Rapid Keylogger 1.1

+ undetectable by av's
+ Start up run support
+ screen shot sending support optional
+ log interval control


Want to know how to use keylogger for hacking? See Tutorial

Hack Anyone - 100% working

There are mainly 4 steps will result perfect hacking