Hack Anyone - 100% working

There are mainly 4 steps will result perfect hacking

I) Ist of all an e mail address want to be own, suggests gmail as provider so that some hackings requires it.

II) Keylogger
Major part of hacking. Keylogger is a software that tracks all keystrokes of victim(who getting hacked, Eg : your friend) including usernames and passwords then sends to hacker(you). What you want to do is, download keylogger from here, deactivate antivirus(we are hackers, the product we creates is a logger that will be detected by av's). 2 types of logging possible. That is the passwords is sends 1. to your e mail 2. to ftp. Now enter your e mail id and password in required fields of keylogger, Adjust setting, Build a server. In case of FTP, Go to FTP for Logging The theory is that, who opens the created server will getting logged, that is you can track and hack him/her.

III) Binder
Software that binds or joins files. This trick is based on logic. Not so essential but this leads to perfect hacking. With a binder, it can be join two or more files so that joining with a file which useful and attractive will result a tendency to open your server(logger) which results it getting activated. It helps on spreading logger in a hidden mode so that results more logging, may be like a chanin like spreading.

Note : This is based on logic. Just think what they need or what they will use. Eg : If victim is very much interested in gaming such as GTA SanAndreas, bind it with GTA SA patch or at least rename it to this.

Tip : Use iconchanger to change icon of your creation. This will create a tendency to open logger. Logic is important.Eg : Changing icon to GTA-SA icon will trap SA fan to logging.

IV) Crypter
Advanced encrypting to make your server undetectable by av's. Crypter helps you to spread out your logging creation fully hidden.

Here is  Full List of Hacking Softwares