Quick Notes Anytime using Scrach Pad

    This is a simple but useful tool which enables you to copy paste or create notes with a Win + S press. You can customize this and even you can set template before to enhance your experience by saving valuable time. Tiny, but efficient and useful tool must have for a geek. For surprise, download takes no time with this file which weighs less than 15KB! (This is an experimental post)

Brutus : An Old Brute Force Remote Attacker

    This tool will hack for you any login page by trying all password possibilities remotely. Brutus is one of the fastest, most flexible remote password crackers you can get your hands on.  It has few options to customize and when press 'Start' and you've done. It goes automatic with the pass list. Use Pass List Generator to generate password lists so easily.

Pass List Generator for Brute Force Attacks

Easy to use tool to generate password lists. Simple but fast and powerful tool and customization in terms of characters used and length of passwords. 15KB download! This program can work an association with tools like Brute. The generated password lists are the required sometimes. Don't rely on lists obtained by googling. Just generate it youeself.

Exclusive SQL Injection Hack Pack

This is a pack of 3 tools used for SQL injection. Each tool has their own functions and the combination will result perfect SQL injection. The pack contains tools used in 3 steps of SQL injection such as to spot vulnerability, attack and finally exploit. The tools are user friendly therefor easier to deal with even for beginner. The pack includes Exploit Scanner for finding vulnerabilities, SQLi Helper for SQL injection and finally Admin Finder to find the admin login page.

1st Mass Mailer Cracked : Old but still Effective Bomber

This is a mass mailer software which you can use to flood your friends mailbox. It can mail to many people which you can set the list easily. You may find this too old but  it works well. Not so fast but does jobs within time. Simple and easy to use interface. Comes with a bundle of options to customize. Have ability to schedule batch messages to send in specific occasions.

Premium Link Generator for RapidShare, Hotfile, DepositFiles and more

Here is a premium link generator or leecher, generates premium links to download from various sites with no limitations or restrictions they set for free users. It works with RapidShare, Hotfile, FileFactory, DepositFiles, Uploading, VideoBB, MegaShares, Crocko, FilePost, Bitshare, ExtraBit, FreakShare, 4Shared, JumboFiles and Rapidgator. It removes restrictions like download limits, waiting time etc. Enjoy premium downloading.

Anonymous Browsing with Tor: 3rd Gen ORP by US Naval Lab

Here is another way to hide your identity on the web world, Tor - The Onion Router. The Tor software protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location, and it lets you access sites which are blocked while hiding your identity safe.

Boost Startup with Autoruns Utility

Small but useful utility to find out the processes auto starts during startup of windows OS. You'll probably be surprised at how many executables are launched automatically! You'll find unused programs and processes and PC will speed up on boot by disabling them all for sure. This is the time to boost your start up!

Bypass Windows 7 Login Without Password

Here is a trick to hijack windows by bypassing Administrator login without password. This will enable you to hack a windows system without knowing any login information. No software required except a live cd of any Linux distro.

SQL Map GUI : Penetration Testing

SQL Map GUI is an open source penetration testing tool that automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws and taking over of database servers. It comes with a powerful detection engine, many niche features for the ultimate penetration tester and a broad range of switches lasting from database fingerprinting, over data fetching from the database, to accessing the underlying file system and executing commands on the operating system via out-of-band connections.

HackBar : Firefox Addon for SQL Injection

This toolbar will help you in testing SQL injections, XSS holes and site security. It is NOT a tool for executing standard exploits and it will NOT teach you how to hack a site. Its main purpose is to help a developer do security audits on his code. If you know what you're doing, this toolbar will help you do it faster. If you want to learn to find security holes, you can also use this toolbar, but you will probably also need a book, a lot of Google and a brain.

SQL Power Injector for Advanced Injection

SQL Power Injector is an application helps the penetration tester to find and exploit SQL injections on a web page.

For now it is SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase/Adaptive Server and DB2 compliant, but it is possible to use it with any existing DBMS when using the inline injection (Normal mode). Indeed, the normal mode is basically the SQL command that someone will put in the parameter sent to the server.

SQLI Helper : Advanced SQL Injector and Tutorial

SQLI Helper is a handy software to hack websites. You don’t need to have any knowledge of SQL to hack website using SQLI Helper. It is fast and reliable. Anyway here is the tutorial to use this tool for SQL injection. 

Pangolin : Penetration Testing and SQL Injection Tool

Pangolin is a penetration testing, a SQL Injection test tool for database security. It finds SQL Injection vulnerabilitiesIt's goal is to detect and take advantage of SQL injection vulnerabilities on web applications. Once it detects one or more SQL injections on the target host, the user can choose among a variety of options to perform an extensive back-end database management system fingerprint, retrieve DBMS session user and database, enumerate users, password hashes, privileges, databases, dump entire or user”s specific DBMS tables/columns, run his own SQL statement, read specific files on the file system and more.

HP Scrawlr : SQL Injector and Crawler

Scrawlr, developed by the HP Web Security Research Group in coordination with the MSRC, is short for SQL Injector and Crawler. Scrawlr will crawl a website while simultaneously analyzing the parameters of each individual web page for SQL Injection vulnerabilities. Scrawlr is lightning fast and uses our intelligent engine technology to dynamically craft SQL Injection attacks on the fly.

SQL Injection

SQL injection is a technique often used to attack a website. This is done by including portions of SQL statements in a web form entry field in an attempt to get the website to pass a newly formed rogue SQL command to the database (e.g., dump the database contents to the attacker). SQL injection is a code injection technique that exploits a security vulnerability in a website's software.

Free Unlimitted Online Space capable of Direct Download

This is tutorial to attain unlimited space for uploading which uploaded data can be capable of downloading directly as by entering the URL. This method is for small files with size less than 50MB. But any size of files can be split and uploaded. The interface is so simple and can be done without support of any software such as FTP clients.

Comparison of Top 2 Online Services to be Anonymous

This post is different from what we said earlier that for being anonymous without software, ie by changing proxy. This is method is as simple as just entering the address and go, just you deals with your web browser.  Now you are about to know about 2 web services that keeps your identity safe while surfing.

Hide IP Without Software

There are many softwares and tools which helps you to hide your IP and keep your identity safe. If you don't put your trust in it, this is the best way for you. Do it yourself guide and demo to change your IP with simple 5 steps!

Hide IP - Private Web Surfing with JonDo

Before hacking, it is essential to put your identity private because always expect an attack from victim or from any other sources. So ensuring without being spotted is the preliminary step of any hacking. JonDo provides some solutions to keep your identity safe.

Hide IP- Be Anonymous with GPass

Another utility to connect internet anonymously. If you're one of those privacy freaks who is constantly worried about leaving personal traces every time you connect to the Internet, then GPS is definitely made for you.

Hide IP at Just 1 Click - Hotspot Shield

As we said earlier, it is essential to put your identity private because always expect an attack reversely from victim or from any other sources. So ensuring without being spotted is the preliminary step of any hacking. Hotspot shield is a solution  to keep your identity safe.

Sick - Advanced Crypter + Binder + Icon Changer AIO

All in one solution for encrypt, bind or change icon of your spy program. No need for description. The interface says all. It is simple and easy to use.

CodeFusion Patch Generator - Software Cracker for Windows

CodeFusion is a patch generator designed to help you compare two files or byte-patch at a particular offset, but it also can be used to find and replace strings. The program is so old but it is hard to find out these types nowadays because Microsoft discourages this type of patching techniques to prevent privacy.

The Hacker's OS - BackTrack

Welcome to Backtrack, the highest rated and acclaimed Linux security distribution to date. BackTrack is a Linux-based penetration testing arsenal that aids security professionals in the ability to perform assessments in a purely native environment dedicated to hacking. Regardless if you’re making BackTrack you Install BackTrack, boot it from a Live DVD or pendrive, the penetration distribution has been customized down to every package, kernel configuration, script and patch solely for the purpose of the penetration tester.

Flood Facebook with Simple Spammer < 20KB

May be this is so basic, just use it to have some fun and escape from stresses of hacker's life. If you are a pro, you'll think this is child stuff. This program is as much simpler. Just Start and Stop according to your needs. It does its job well. The program is highly task specific. Therefore saves time and space (as small as below 20KB!).

Fake Call - Call Using Any Number Online

CrazyCall is the ultimate tool for making prank calls and fooling your friends. 
You can change your CallerID, so when you call someone he sees on his Caller ID display the number you selected. 
You can also change the pitch of your voice for deep and creepy or high and funny.

Send Fake Mails from any Mail ID's - Quick and Free

This service can be used send fake mails. Fake mails is one of best way to confuse the victim because he will find sender's id reliable from its domain and the login used. Please note the sender id cant be gmail or yahoo but receiver can be set to any. It is quick and easy.

Disposable Quick Fake Mail ID Generation and Receive Mails

The Fake Mail Generator is a disposable email system. By simply entering a mail address in this site has already been activated. It can be use in associations with other online services for hacking such as fake info generation to receive mails instantly from victim to your disposable inbox. You can send mails with any fake id generated. Another use is enter it into any form on a website that requires email verification, and when the email is received it will pop up instantly on this page.

Identity Theft Online - Fake Name and Info Generator

With 33 languages and 25 countries, the Fake Name Generator is the most advanced name generator on the internet. Generate names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers, occupations, UPS tracking numbers, and more. Even it can generate QR code for that id within 1 click. So no waiting, just generating is all about. The generated profiles can be used for any purposes like registering various websites by hiding your original identity.

Create or Find Suitable Icon for your Spy Program

There are loads of icon sets available around the web to download and integrate with your spy program. But it is important to choose the icon for proper disgusting without getting caught. Here are 2 online services which helps you to get the proper icon according to your needs in quick and easy ways.

Run Android Apps on your PC

The BlueStacks App player enables you to run your favorite android apps with your PC. Checkout the power of android and experience how better it can perform. 

UltimateHider - Bind Files or Secret Messages

Power packed file and secret message hiding application. Hiding enables advanced encryption for secret data which ensures security.

Download using Premium Accounts - Unrestrict.li

Unrestrict.li allows you to download from most file hosting services with the advantages of premium accounts, for free! Unrestrict.li acts like a bridge between you and the file hosting services, streaming the files you need directly to you. You don't need a premium account for every single file hosting service anymore! It unrestrict your links. The conclusion is, elimination of waiting time. See supported sites

Process Explorer - Old but Still Effective

You may find this too older but it is still effective because even windows 7 doesn't have a good process manager at all. It have an out dated XP based interface and capabilities are limited. That is why we need a better program to manage processes. Process Explorer shows you information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded.

Best File Uploading App with 250+ Server Support

  • The most comprehensive and the best program for File and Image uploading
  • Supports more than 250 servers (Czech and international) eg: JumboFiles, Rapidshare
  • Possibility to use premium accounts
  • Possibility of parallel uploading
  • Usually much faster then uploading via browser or original file-upload tool
  • No ads, easy to use, multi-language environment
  • Technical assistance (possibility to add functions, servers at the request)

Driver Reviver - Update Windows Drivers Automatically

Driver Reviver is the most comprehensive and complete driver update utility available for Windows. Having up-to-date drivers is essential for maximum PC performance. Driver Reviver uses industry-leading technology with the largest driver database to quickly identify out of date drivers and easily updates them with a few mouse clicks! 

Download Youtube Videos Online Instantly

The following steps describe the easy way to save unlimited and free youtube videos to your computer. This is the quick and easy way to download youtube videos online.

URL : http://www.tubeleecher.com/

1. Paste the youtube link on the textbox of site.
2. Click the 'Get it' button and it will open a page with button/link..
3. Right click on the "Download" button of the desired quality and select "Save target as" in order to save the file (use .flv extension if required).
4. Play it with any video player (or flash player if it's in .flv format)

HacksWagon - Best Cracked Software

What makes HacksWagon different?
+ Free, all contents are absolutely free of cost
+ Fast, download page is just 1 click away
+ Simple, less complex easy to use interface
+ Categorized, the navigation made efficient
+ Selected, only top rated downloads
+ Connect, integration with web services*

Search through SMS for free via Google

Recently Google have introduce a service that get google search results through the sms,it is free service provided by google to its customers
if you have no datapack in your mobile,or you are using gprs or internet unsupported handset,its more useful.

you can get results of prodocts,movies,word meaning etc by sending sms to 9773300000

Xbox 360 Controller emulator with Force Feedback - Xbox360ce

You have a generic controller, PS 2 designed game-pad won’t be recognized by many of the games. This is because the games are programmed to only communicate with an Xbox 360 controller. Therefor it is essential to emulate your generic controller and it may be done in many ways such as using xbox360emu, Xpladder etc. But this software gives full vibration feedback, and we checked with GTA 4, FIFA12 and Dirt 3 using Logitech Rumblepad and Enter E GPV and satisfied because of its vibration/force feedback.

Facebook Multiple Account Creator - Facebook Devil

Facebook Devil account creator software is supported by a team that is committed to keeping it up to date and ready to use.Feature include single account creation to fully customize each field for the specific type of account you need,multi-threaded account creation, generate up to 5 accounts at a single instance for infinite usage,proxy support enabled allows you to use public or private proxies via easy list import option,delay feature provides you with the option to set a time range when multi threaded accounts created and manual captcha entry support for you to type in the Facebook human verification image.

Emulate Xbox 360 Controller with any Gamepad

XBOX 360 Controller emulator v3.0 for PC games using XINPUT.

This program will add more controller support for Games for Windows. Many games requires controllers such as Xbox 360 controller to work with and they will not include support for many normal gamepads. This simple software emulate an xbox360 controller and your controller will gain capability of playing such games with full functionality. 

Send Anonymous Fake SMS for Free

1. Go to SMSGlobal site and register for an account.

SMSGlobal allows you to send 25 SMS by default. If you want to send 100 more SMS, enter “WPRESS” (without quotes) in “Promo code” field. Thus, using this promo code, you can send a total of 125 SMS.

Net tools - Make it Hack Tools!

Net Tools is a comprehensive set of host monitoring, network scanning, security, administration tools and much more, all with a highly intuitive user interface. It's an ideal tool for those who work in the network security, administration, training, internet forensics or law enforcement internet crimes fields. Net Tools is mainly written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6, Visual C++, Visual C# and Visual Studio .NET. Surprisingly this kit weighs less than 25MB and you will find many software included are directly applicable for hacks.

Track and Hack Mouse with GhostMouse

GhostMouse allows you to record and automate a sequence of mouse clicks and keystrokes on a Windows PC. To start the recording process, hit Record and start simulating the keyboard and mouse actions you'd like the application to record. To replay the recorded sequence, hit Play. Compatible with Vista, Windows 7, and 64-bit systems.

Facebook Desktop Edition

This is not a special edition of facebook. But following applications allows you interact with your stream just as you would on Facebook, but without the browser.

Facebook GreaseMonkey Tricks

hack facebook account tips
Greasemonkey is one of the best firefox add-ons in existence. By using userscripts’, you can customize nearly every website. All you want to do is follow 3 steps.