Search through SMS for free via Google

Recently Google have introduce a service that get google search results through the sms,it is free service provided by google to its customers
if you have no datapack in your mobile,or you are using gprs or internet unsupported handset,its more useful.

you can get results of prodocts,movies,word meaning etc by sending sms to 9773300000

Xbox 360 Controller emulator with Force Feedback - Xbox360ce

You have a generic controller, PS 2 designed game-pad won’t be recognized by many of the games. This is because the games are programmed to only communicate with an Xbox 360 controller. Therefor it is essential to emulate your generic controller and it may be done in many ways such as using xbox360emu, Xpladder etc. But this software gives full vibration feedback, and we checked with GTA 4, FIFA12 and Dirt 3 using Logitech Rumblepad and Enter E GPV and satisfied because of its vibration/force feedback.

Facebook Multiple Account Creator - Facebook Devil

Facebook Devil account creator software is supported by a team that is committed to keeping it up to date and ready to use.Feature include single account creation to fully customize each field for the specific type of account you need,multi-threaded account creation, generate up to 5 accounts at a single instance for infinite usage,proxy support enabled allows you to use public or private proxies via easy list import option,delay feature provides you with the option to set a time range when multi threaded accounts created and manual captcha entry support for you to type in the Facebook human verification image.

Emulate Xbox 360 Controller with any Gamepad

XBOX 360 Controller emulator v3.0 for PC games using XINPUT.

This program will add more controller support for Games for Windows. Many games requires controllers such as Xbox 360 controller to work with and they will not include support for many normal gamepads. This simple software emulate an xbox360 controller and your controller will gain capability of playing such games with full functionality.