Comparison of Top 2 Online Services to be Anonymous

This post is different from what we said earlier that for being anonymous without software, ie by changing proxy. This is method is as simple as just entering the address and go, just you deals with your web browser.  Now you are about to know about 2 web services that keeps your identity safe while surfing.


This is a classic solution since 1997. It prevents the revealing of any personal info while browsing. The procedure is just as simple as entering URL to the text box and pressing 'Surf anounimously'.

Check conducted using shows the following result which reveals how safe you are

This is another solution to surf anonymous trending now a days. It shows an irritating advertisement on top of the browser screen which is a drawback for this service. But the service does its job well. It is also simle as entering the URL and hitting 'Hide My Ass' button once.

The details of detected IP is shown in the figure below

Note : includes various other tools such as Secure File Uploads and Anonymous Email Service etc. Also browser extensions available for free such as PanicButton and Proxy Browser Extension. Don't forget to take a look on it.