Create or Find Suitable Icon for your Spy Program

There are loads of icon sets available around the web to download and integrate with your spy program. But it is important to choose the icon for proper disgusting without getting caught. Here are 2 online services which helps you to get the proper icon according to your needs in quick and easy ways.


Icon finder is a Search Engine exclusively designed to find icons. It is simplest way to find proper icon for your Spy program, Trojan or anything else. The interface is simple as google search. Type a keyword and go. Results will allow downloading on PNG or ICO format. Click it and get it.

Easy to use but power-packed interface


If you have a picture and you are thinking it is the best fit for your program, it is the time to visit 'ConvertIco'. without installing any software, the file will get converted as your needs. Just upload it and go. You'll get the output as icon file. There are loads of other image converters all around but this is simple and dedicated to its task.

Easy to use, 2 step conversion

Now you have icon but don't know how to attach it with program? No need to put them apart. Here is a solution to Attach icon file with exe file