Flood Facebook with Simple Spammer < 20KB

May be this is so basic, just use it to have some fun and escape from stresses of hacker's life. If you are a pro, you'll think this is child stuff. This program is as much simpler. Just Start and Stop according to your needs. It does its job well. The program is highly task specific. Therefore saves time and space (as small as below 20KB!).
Type whatever you want in the text box of program, press Start and place the cursor on proper place and there you go. Totally free from any kind of malwares an we assures it never become headache for you ever. But if you are a pro, you will find something useful for hacking in accordance with this, ie when working with Viruses. Use your logic and find the use. Otherwise, consider this as nostalgic remembering of our old spammers used to flood scrap books in Orkut. 

Password : 123hackz.blogspot.com