Hide IP Without Software

There are many softwares and tools which helps you to hide your IP and keep your identity safe. If you don't put your trust in it, this is the best way for you. Do it yourself guide and demo to change your IP with simple 5 steps!

1.First you need to go http://hidemyass.com/proxy-list/search-275
2.Use Port 8080 and Click the Update Result.
3. Select any appropriate IP you like from the list
4.Go to proxy configuration.

  • Mozilla Firefox: Tools > Options > Advanced > Settings > Manual proxy configuration.
  • Google Chrome: Options > Under the hood > Network > Change proxy settings > LAN settings > Use a proxy server > Advanced > HTTP.
  • Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet options > Connections > LAN settings > Use a proxy server > Advanced > HTTP.
  • Opera: Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Network.

5. Replace the HTTP Proxy with one we have, then OK.

That's it! IP changed..

We use Firefox for demo, you must copy proxy from the list first.
1. Go to 'Options' in Main Menu

2.Highlight 'Advanced' tab and OK

 3.Replace the IP with HTTP Proxy. Port must be kept 8080

Press OK, then there you go. Check out your IP address. You'll find it changed. Suggests to use http://whatismyipaddress.com/ for this. It is produse quick results and reliable. We used a proxy of Ecuador and the result can be find out at the beginning of this guide.

Check out the comparison between top 2 online services to become anonymous online too. Decide the suitable service  yourself.