Run Android Apps on your PC

The BlueStacks App player enables you to run your favorite android apps with your PC. Checkout the power of android and experience how better it can perform. 

The App player connects to a couple of Android App market partners such as Amazon App Store, and GetJar. You can also sync your Android device with your PC after installing the BlueStacks beta application on your Windows PC. They email you a PIN, where you can then enter it into the BlueStacks app. It will then start syncing your already installed Android apps from your smartphone or tablet through a tool called "Cloud Connect". Even if you don't have an Android device, you can still get a few apps from the available list through BlueStacks itself. It runs pretty smooth so far, and the apps work perfectly as though they were on your Android device. Be sure you have your PC video cards latest drivers installed or updated as BlueStacks will install based on your video cards optimization.