Free Unlimitted Online Space capable of Direct Download

This is tutorial to attain unlimited space for uploading which uploaded data can be capable of downloading directly as by entering the URL. This method is for small files with size less than 50MB. But any size of files can be split and uploaded. The interface is so simple and can be done without support of any software such as FTP clients.

Step 1 : Make your file to a rar archive with WinRAR and split file into parts less than or equal to 50MB (45 recommended). Download WinRAR

Step 2 : Go to and sign up for a free account with a website. Your resulting domain will look like Refer Disposable Quick Fake Mail ID Generation and Receive Mails for faster sign up
Step 3 :  Click on “VIEW CONTROL PANEL” then go to “MANAGE FILES” under MANAGE WEBSITE area  
Step 4 : Upload file according to your needs with suitable uploading option. We choose  ”Single File Uploader” for this time.

The uploaded file can be downloaded from, or right click and copy the URL of file
Step 5 : Create another site and upload next part if your file size more than 50MB, repeat the procedure. This will be time consuming but gives direct downloads without any software. Don't forget to check out the Disposable Quick Fake Mail ID Generation and Receive Mails post otherwise the sign up process will be time consuming.

If you prefer FTP, check out Free 3GB Space Online