Quick Notes Anytime using Scrach Pad

    This is a simple but useful tool which enables you to copy paste or create notes with a Win + S press. You can customize this and even you can set template before to enhance your experience by saving valuable time. Tiny, but efficient and useful tool must have for a geek. For surprise, download takes no time with this file which weighs less than 15KB! (This is an experimental post)

Note : This is an experimental approach to enhance the user experience by adding additional details to the image. Suggest / Report about this.

Download [15KB]
Password : 123hackz.blogspot.com


  1. 5 Stars for experimental post. Layout is more userfriendly.. Keep it up..

  2. Good layout and design. Minimalistic design loads faster, good work

  3. Content must be improved but good design

    1. Please note this is an experimental post to check our new layout for posts. We will make sure the quality of contents match the requirements. Thanks for advice.