Best Interactive Wallpapers for Free!

Yes, your desktop will interact with you according to your mouse movements and works. No need to configure, just install and play with them. There is also a bunch  to choose from. The best part of this customization is,  it is easy to use as well as your desktop is no longer a static but it will become dynamic which allows you to interact with!

Coolest Way to Organize Desktop Icons

Say goodbye to confusing number of icons spread out all over your desktop. Organize them all in a smarter way than ever before. Here we present simple utility does a smart job to keep you away from confusions. Try it out to feel the difference. Highly recommended for all Windows users.

Any Folder Just 2 Clicks Away!

The quick access of folders are always makes problems while using windows. There is a chance to forget them is they are more in number which will cause many issues sometimes. Here is the best way to eliminate this problem. Keep any number of favorite folders just 2 clicks away from where ever you are! Your favorite folders no longer stay away from you.

Free Dock for your Desktop

Even if you are not a Mac fan, some features of it are extremely useful and eye candy. Achieving it in Windows sounds pretty good at this instance. Here is  the best example. The customizible Dock will flow now under your pointer tip. It also features easy Drag and Drop interface, cool transitions, application indicators and many more.

Quick Launch Anything from Desktop

Launch anything from your desktop with a few keystrokes, no matter whatever they are. Pull out documents, project files, bookmarks and many more in a much faster manner! The need of Start Menu, Icons in Desktop and even File Manager can be eliminated in this blazing fast alternative way. Instant access will save your valuable time.

3 Things to Boost Windows Startup

    None other than essential things you have to run to boost start up of your windows PC within no time. The handpicked tricks that you probably missed which consume less time and storage to do efficient efforts to reduce booting time is essential to check out for every windows user.

Quest for Best Icon Search Engine

    No description needed to show the importance of icons. It is essential in many situations and creating one own is time consuming many times. Therefore the solution is to find proper icons from the web world. Icon Search Engines are here to help you. But there comes real confusion. There are a number of them and it is necessary to choose the best among to get better results without wasting your valuable time. Don't worry. We conduct a quest to find the best among them.

Top 3 Chrome Tricks You Must Know

    Google Chrome is most widely used browser now a days. Google's child is well known for its simplicity and ease of use. But does everyone makes use of all features of it? That is because many features kept hidden in order to keep the interface simple. There are some amazing tricks that simplify the usage and customize Chrome as your own. Surprisingly, they are extremely easy to execute too. We selected the top 3 chrome tricks for you. Get the best out of chrome now.

Quickly Enable Task Manager Disabled by Administrator

    Task Manager plays an important role when we want to get rid of unwanted programs or processes. But due to malware/virus problems, it may get blocked and a pop up will come up says "Task manager has been disabled by administrator". This makes the management and termination of processes difficult. But don't worry, Here is the simplest yet fastest solution regain access to your Task Manager.

World of Portable Softwares

    This is the first time we are showcasing a blog. Because it's really worth a look by the huge count of items and surprisingly all of them are available absolutely for free! The portabilized versions of softwares include Photoshop Lightroom, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Tuneup Utilities 2014, Corel Video Studio Pro and much more. The blog is not so attractive in the case of design, but it does compensate that well with contents.

Hotspot Shield Elite Full Version for Free

    Hotspot Shield VPN, Virtual Private Network, service adds a layer of "must have" protection when connecting your computer to the Internet by establishing a secure tunnel. The secure tunnel uses VPN technology to keep your online identity and information safe from hackers and snoopers. 

But the free version comes with annoying ads so make it full version by this Quick Trick.

Top 2 Online Services to Download Youtube Videos Without Java

    Downloading YouTube videos is not a new thing. But many services available utilizes Java platform to get the job done, which means you need to download and install Java plugins. But use of Java is insecure because there is a chance for malware attacks due to loopholes in the platform! Still there are effective online services to download YouTube videos without making use of Java, means no plugins needed. That is downloads can be done even via Smartphones and Tablets! Here are the top 2 services for downloading YouTube videos without Java. 

2 Step Trick to Message Anyone in Facebook using Friend's ID

    Send any message to anyone with any Facebook ID through a simple hack. No need of any tools, the only requirement is a working internet connection. You can fool any of your friends by sending messages from their id to anyone else! Don't misuse this trick, we are sharing this for educational purposes only. Use it in your own way and find fun yourself. We will not be responsible for any cause by using this. 

How to Convert Facebook to Original Book?

    Turning your Facebook into an original book isn't cool enough?  Yes it is. Create hardcopy of your memories, and it is easy enough to order a copy online! They says "You liked it, share it, exchange it on Facebook, but what do you do with those moments once published ? Do you remember what you were doing on summer 2009 or who were your friends at the time? What if it was possible to print Facebook to keep, archive and share his live ? All this information remains on Facebook's servers and will eventually escape your memory. With Likebook you preserve your story in a unique object in your personality. The great moments of your life, like the small ones, no longer fall into oblivion and regain their rightful place ... In your hands!" is enough to describe what they provide.

Best Free VPN Service to Change Your IP

   This is the best Virtual Private Network service available for free to keep your identity safe by hiding your original IP address like many tools and online services we already discussed. But here is some advantages of using this service and explanation for how this service will work according to your needs. Highly recommended to hackers.

Hack Related Forums Quick Review | Find Out Which Work Better for You

    Here is a quick review for 3 major forums related to hacking. You can choose the best according to the needs based on the points we listed out. We listed out what is the advantage of choosing the forum and what difficulties you may face there. This post is simple and not confusing.

Free and Fast Facebook Likes, Followers and Many More

This service is all about earning attention. It opens many ways for that like
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Application Developer's Undetection Toolkit

    Undetection Toolkit and for apps and basically divided into 3 according to the functions it performs such as Source Code Encryption, Junk Code Generator and Assembly & Icon Changer. This is actually made for programmers but can be utilized by hackers which depends on their logic. If you're an App Developer, you must check this out and it's features must be so useful for you.

Get Hundreds of Backlinks with 1 Click

    For those of you new to SEO, you may be wondering what a backlink is, and why they are important. Backlinks have become so important to the scope of Search Engine Optimization, that they have become some of the main building blocks to good SEO. Here is a trick to achieve hundreds of backlinks within no time at just 1 click!


HideMan for Anonymous Browsing

    This is another tool to hide your IP hence to escape from getting spotted or being safe using virtual proxy. It ensures effortless 1 click method to become anonymous and get back to normal state. The service offers not only a solution to being safe in Windows systems but also in Mac, Android and iOS.