How to Convert Facebook to Original Book?

    Turning your Facebook into an original book isn't cool enough?  Yes it is. Create hardcopy of your memories, and it is easy enough to order a copy online! They says "You liked it, share it, exchange it on Facebook, but what do you do with those moments once published ? Do you remember what you were doing on summer 2009 or who were your friends at the time? What if it was possible to print Facebook to keep, archive and share his live ? All this information remains on Facebook's servers and will eventually escape your memory. With Likebook you preserve your story in a unique object in your personality. The great moments of your life, like the small ones, no longer fall into oblivion and regain their rightful place ... In your hands!" is enough to describe what they provide.

These days, your Facebook Timeline can serve as a digital scrapbook of your life: birthdays, graduations, weddings, trips to Disneyland and, yes, the time you got a puppy. A new service wants to help Facebook users move those memories from the cloud into a permanent, physical keepsake.

Likebooks will convert content from your Facebook Timeline and print it in a physical book, as shown in the video above. Your status updates, photos and comments from friends can be printed in your custom book. Content is either pulled from a specific date range or an entire year (as far back as 2007). Depending on how much content you choose to archive, a Likebook can cost from $12 to $137 and can range from 25 to 500 pages. They even come in soft or hardcover.

Here are some more features you'll get,
  • Save your statuses, photos, publications and comments from your friends
  • Preview your book before ordering
  • Go back in time up to 2007
  • Free shipping
  • The Likebook of fan page or company starting from $36


  1. Yep! good share.. I'll give a try ;)

  2. Yes, i've got 1 for ma wife's b'day gift. Premium quality stuff. I recommend it

  3. i will try itt...

  4. is this really work?