Top 2 Online Services to Download Youtube Videos Without Java

    Downloading YouTube videos is not a new thing. But many services available utilizes Java platform to get the job done, which means you need to download and install Java plugins. But use of Java is insecure because there is a chance for malware attacks due to loopholes in the platform! Still there are effective online services to download YouTube videos without making use of Java, means no plugins needed. That is downloads can be done even via Smartphones and Tablets! Here are the top 2 services for downloading YouTube videos without Java. 

2 Step Trick to Message Anyone in Facebook using Friend's ID

    Send any message to anyone with any Facebook ID through a simple hack. No need of any tools, the only requirement is a working internet connection. You can fool any of your friends by sending messages from their id to anyone else! Don't misuse this trick, we are sharing this for educational purposes only. Use it in your own way and find fun yourself. We will not be responsible for any cause by using this.