Top 2 Online Services to Download Youtube Videos Without Java

    Downloading YouTube videos is not a new thing. But many services available utilizes Java platform to get the job done, which means you need to download and install Java plugins. But use of Java is insecure because there is a chance for malware attacks due to loopholes in the platform! Still there are effective online services to download YouTube videos without making use of Java, means no plugins needed. That is downloads can be done even via Smartphones and Tablets! Here are the top 2 services for downloading YouTube videos without Java. 

1. Top Performer :

Faster performer which came first only because of its speed and enhanced compatibility, which downloads the YouTube videos faster than any other online services. Visit the site, enter the URL of the desired video to be downloaded and hit 'Download', that's all about it. Outperformed competitors in our test by fastest download speed. But as the name suggests, the downloads can only be in MP4 with no options for conversion. But on the other side, it means full compatibility with mobile devices.

2. Best Alternative :

This is not about speed, but about customization. It does allow you to download videos into 11 formats including mp4, 3gp and mp3, which means audio ripping provided along with. According to speed, unsatisfied - but the more options pushed the ClipConverter into this toplist.

The interface is simple, selecting a conversion format pulls out the menu for customization which offers the alterations in bitrate, audio output can be set into mono or stereo and even  the video can be cropped out from the original by setting the start and end positions!

If you have a faster internet connection with a PC, it is recommended to play with the customization options  of Best Alternative. Top Performer offers high speed downloads and better compatibility.


  1. youtubeinmp4 is the best. It works well for ma pc, tab n evn lumia 720

  2. clipconverter is what suits me because it offers much more. No need of a converter intalled. It can reconvert downloaded videos too.

  3. clip corverter offers wide variety of options man

    1. i dont need 'em, lol. My i already have format factory for coversion :D

  4. i can download from collage, thanks!!