2 Step Trick to Message Anyone in Facebook using Friend's ID

    Send any message to anyone with any Facebook ID through a simple hack. No need of any tools, the only requirement is a working internet connection. You can fool any of your friends by sending messages from their id to anyone else! Don't misuse this trick, we are sharing this for educational purposes only. Use it in your own way and find fun yourself. We will not be responsible for any cause by using this. 

Step 1. Obtaining the ID

You'll need 2 ids to begin with such as one each for sender and receiver.

The preliminary thing you need is the senders login id. To find this, head into mail.yahoo.com, login if you have an account already or create one. Go to 'Contacts' section and hit 'Facebook' to  import contacts from it.

Navigate to the receivers Facebook profile and click on about section, and copy their @facebook.com email and there you've successfully finished 1st section.

Step 2. Send the Message

Here we make use of Emkei's Fake Mailer 

Fill the fields as  follows
From name: Put sender login email id here
From email: Put sender login email id here
To: Put receivers Facebook mail id here
Subject: Leave this field blank
Text: Type your message here
Hit 'Send' to finish messaging to the victim.

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