Quest for Best Icon Search Engine

    No description needed to show the importance of icons. It is essential in many situations and creating one own is time consuming many times. Therefore the solution is to find proper icons from the web world. Icon Search Engines are here to help you. But there comes real confusion. There are a number of them and it is necessary to choose the best among to get better results without wasting your valuable time. Don't worry. We conduct a quest to find the best among them.

We don't want to check your patience, so discloses the winner first and the details about  the quest comes after.

1st Prize : IconFinder
We picked up the Icon Finder as best icon search as the best of the best. It is simple but efficient provides better results from its large database quickly. And it also features some useful options to customize the search
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What we like
+ Huge database
+ Simple interface
+ Size setting for search
+ Vector filter
+ Licence filter
+ Background based filtering
+ Enhanced security with https


Here is how we conducted the quest. The first thing we want to do is to list competetors. Among many of them, we picked top 6 as follows.

From the URL itself the advantage of Icon Finder begins. It uses secured https while the others hanged up with http. Lack of customization eliminated MrIcons. After conducting some searches, it is clarified that the VeryIcon and IconSeeker not powered well with the resources they listing while searches. Also the interface is not so attractive. Therefore the final match declared between FindIcons and IconFinder. Surprisingly the FindIcons offered more options than IconFinder!

Pros of FindIcons over Iconfinder
+ Color filter
+ Sort by relevancy and size
+ Convert icon to more formats such as psd

What we don't like on FindIcons
+ Ads
+ Size of icons limited to 256pix

But we selected IconFinder as the winner. Here are the reasons.

Pros of Iconfinder over FindIcons
+ Uses https
+ No Ads
+ Simpler dated interface
+ Capable to search upto 512pix size
+ Vector filtering
+ More sizes of icon

What we don't like on Iconfinder
+ Paid icons. It may not be a con, but we don't like it.

Runner-up : FindIcons

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