Top 3 Chrome Tricks You Must Know

    Google Chrome is most widely used browser now a days. Google's child is well known for its simplicity and ease of use. But does everyone makes use of all features of it? That is because many features kept hidden in order to keep the interface simple. There are some amazing tricks that simplify the usage and customize Chrome as your own. Surprisingly, they are extremely easy to execute too. We selected the top 3 chrome tricks for you. Get the best out of chrome now.

Download Google Chrome first if you don't have it.

Trick 1. Tab Manipulation

Tabs in chrome can be easily manipulated by drag and drop. But in the case they are excess in number, you must try the Pin tab feature. It will not only save space but also eliminates the chance of accidently closing the tabs. Enable and disable it  by right clicking required tab.  

Even if you closed a tab accidently, you can get it back by pressing Ctrl + Shift + T. Here are most useful shortcuts for better tab manipulation 

Ctrl + Left Click : Open link in a new tab (background)
Ctrl + Shift + Left Click : Open link in a new tab (foreground)
Ctrl +Tab : Switch tabs
Ctrl + T : Open a new tab

Trick 2. Task Manager

Go to Menu > Tools > Task Manager else press Shift + Esc. It will bring the exclusive Task Manager for your browser. It features elimination of processes quickly .

There is detailed view named 'Stats for nerds' which can even show the details about memory utilization of other browsers running.

Trick 3. Make Your Theme

In Chrome web store, search for 'My Chrome Theme' by Creative Tools. There are other methods available but this app is the simplest way to achieve it.

Hit 'START MAKING THEME' to do so.

After selecting the proper picture as background, hit 'Continue to Step 2'.

Select colors according to your taste else just hit 'I'm Feeling Lucky' to automate selecting colors. When finished, 'Continue to Step 3'.

Name your theme. Add a description if you want and hit 'Make my theme!' to finish the creation.

You'll now reward with your own custom theme for Chrome. Install and share it.

Sample : Download

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