Any Folder Just 2 Clicks Away!

The quick access of folders are always makes problems while using windows. There is a chance to forget them is they are more in number which will cause many issues sometimes. Here is the best way to eliminate this problem. Keep any number of favorite folders just 2 clicks away from where ever you are! Your favorite folders no longer stay away from you.

Download and install Myfolders Windows Explorer Shell Extention.
Download - Website
Password : 123Hackz

The configuration of folders can be done by clicking 'Settings' in MyFolders section of right click menu. The customization is as simple as shown in figure.

Now reach your favorite folders with a right click from anywhere and you'll get them with ease. It offers 4 types of operations such as Copy to, Move to, Go to and open up Command Prompt.

There you go, favorite folders at your fingertips.

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