Coolest Way to Organize Desktop Icons

Say goodbye to confusing number of icons spread out all over your desktop. Organize them all in a smarter way than ever before. Here we present simple utility does a smart job to keep you away from confusions. Try it out to feel the difference. Highly recommended for all Windows users.

Fences is a lightweight utility to organize your desktop. Download and install it to utilize its cool features.

After installing, your desktop will categorize as a number of icon groups termed Fence. Configure it and build your own desktop with the easy to use drag and drop interface.

Now right click on desktop and select 'Configure Fences'. There are some predefined templates available for quick organize the desktop. Or you can even create new Fence form the right click menu itself.

Now customize your Fence, visit 'Appearance' tab. Play with the amount of transparency and color, set saturation.The header field of Fence also can be defined here.

There are some other cool features such as hiding desktop icons on double click. Explore yourself to find out that easter eggs!

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